(843) 971-9900

Silver Plan

Office Visits During Office Hours

Same/Next Day Appointments for Urgent Care Issues

Minimal Wait-time for Appointments

Telephone/Email Correspondences during Office Hours for
Non-urgent Care

In-house Diagnostic Tests:

  • EKG, Glucose, H. Pylori, Urine Pregnancy Test, Hemoccult, Influenza Screening, KOH, PPD, Rapid Strep, Mononucleosis, Urinalysis

Ancillary Services:

  • Biopsies, Cerumen Impaction, Cryotherapy, Laceration Repair, Lesion I Skin Tag Removals, Nail Avulsion, Nebulizer Treatments, Supplemental Oxygen, IV Fluid Administration

Gold Plan

Everything Included in the Silver Plan PLUS

Laboratory Testing Allowance with Lab Corp – $450

Radiology Study Allowance with Imaging Specialists of Charleston – $300

Annual Retainer Plan Cost per Month
(fees to be paid on a quarterly basis)

1st PatientSpouseChildFamily Plan

Silver$150.00$135.00$115.00 $365.00


  • Family is defined as two adults and two or more children on the same plan.
  • Children must have an adult member to join at a discounted rate.
  • Children are defined as those patients between 5-18 years of age.
  • Children ages 0-4 are billed as first patient.
  • Corporate discounts available for employees.

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