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Who provides medical coverage when my physician is not available?

We pride ourselves on almost always being available to our patients! Even when Dr. Pullano is not in the office, she can be reached by cell phone or email to help answer urgent questions or triage a situation.

May I use my Health Savings Account to pay for my retainer plan?

Yes, many patients have had success using HSA monies to pay for their retainer plans. This can be a smart way to manage your plan.

What if I need to go to the hospital?

You will use your insurance coverage if you are admitted to the hospital. Dr. Pullano will help to coordinate your admission process. Once admitted, you will be cared for by a team of Hospitalists or by a particular specialist depending on your diagnosis.

May I still use my insurance for labs, xrays, and specialist visits?

Yes, you may still use your insurance to help cover lab tests, radiology studies, and visits to specialists. It may be helpful to note that the Gold and Platinum Plans include annual lab and radiology allowances which are useful for patients with high-deductible insurance coverage, those who remain uninsured, and those who require labs and […]

So, how much does it cost?

Our patients join the practice on a Retainer Plan. The Plans range from $125-$225 per month. Please refer to our Plans page for details.

Do you accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid?

Patients pay us directly and may file for reimbursement from their insurance company. We do not participate with insurers, Medicare, nor Medicaid. We do, however, have an increasing number of Medicare patients in the practice who really appreciate the level of service offered at PFM. Most of our patients have some type of insurance.

How is Pullano Family Medicine different from other practices?

At PFM we contract directly with our patients. Insurance and other third-party payors do not interfere with our doctor-patient relationship. As such, we are able to spend more time and give more attention to our patients while still running on time.

What kind of practice is Pullano Family Medicine?

PFM is an intimate family practice in which we really value our relationships with our patients while also valuing their time. We treat patients from pediatrics to geriatrics and can manage both chronic care medical issues as well as urgent care problems.